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Complete Repair and Support including Coherent Deos Model CO2 Lasers

Evergreen Laser Corporation supports carbon dioxide lasers for many medical, commercial and industrial lasers. While our mission remains the same we have expanded our services to include, RF Exciter repair. We specialize in the repair of All Coherent Deos Lasers and RF power supplies.


Fast Turn Around of Coherent Deos lasers

We service your CO2 Lasers in house to get your business back up and running for a fraction of the cost of a replacement We can remanufacture the laser head , repair the electronics, and replace the optics.



  • Knowledgeable technical support that is only a phone call away
  • Customer satisfaction is our most important measure of quality.
  • Large Inventory of parts
  • cost-effective CO2 laser repair that meets or exceeds manufacturers specifications
  • No hassle warranty
  • 3rd party Service & Support
  • Emergency 24 hour support email

Some of the supported systems

  • Coherent Gem
  • Coherent Diamond Gem
  • Coherent G series
  • All DEOS Models
  • Synrad
  • Epilog
  • Sharplan
  • LEI
  • Surgilase


Pictured here is a remanufactered Coherent Deos Laser head used in the Epilog